September 17, 2007

Musical Fandom Reaches New Proportions

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In a recent Wall Street Journal article, U.S. Repels British Invasion, the travails of British musicians in getting United States visas are chronicled; essentially it boils down to the fact that performers must show that they are “internationally recognized,” which is not as easy as it sounds. It is an interesting read and I recommend giving it a look. However, there is another part of it that merits attention. Near the end of the article, a fangirl, whose favorite band cancels a tour, responds that “I’ve never experienced anything more heartbreaking or cruel in my life.”

I would have assumed such melodrama and loss of proportion would mean that this fan is a teenybopper, or something similar. But no, she is 21 years old. Music can be enjoyable, inspiring, or properly depressing depending on your mood, but frankly, this is ridiculous. I can only hope that this one person’s emotions are not symptomatic of some grand abdication of reason when it comes to the music world. I think we are not there (at least quite yet). Anyone feel that people have come to view music as the end-all of civilization? Please let me know in the comments.