September 20, 2007

Record Review: 2 Pac

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In the second installment of Nu Mixx Klazzics, 2 Pac’s thoughts and words are brought back to life with help from additional vocalists, new instrumental work and other extra additives. Classics “Hail Mary,” “2 Of Americaz Most Wanted” and “How Do U Want It,” each part of the original Nu Mixx track list, make their second appearances in the series.
The highlight of this collection is the new version of “What’z Ya Phone #,” originally from 1996’s All Eyez On Me. Pac’s lyrics come alive and are clearer than ever over a slower, almost Screw-like, beat. The discrepancy between the lethargic music and Pac’s hyped up lyrics make the listener really pay attention to everything he says.
The new material is well made and fun to listen to. I would definitely recommend giving Nu Mixx 2 a spin. With a legend like 2Pac, however, it is sometimes better to leave the originals alone.