September 20, 2007

Record Review: Horse the Band

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What do you get when you combine post-hardcore with Nintendocore beats and guttural screaming? Horse the Band. Their latest album, A Natural Death, displays their ability to make synthesized beats (which sound like something out of Super Smash Brothers) on top of a contemporary hardcore sound. HTB continuously change the rhythms within their songs; it’s hard not to listen for fear that you’ll miss whatever breakdown they throw down next.
Another great thing about HTB is the fact that they don’t take themselves too seriously, as many contemporary hardcore bands do. The song “Sex Raptor” craftily satirizes the eighties while the lead singer, “General Tso Zee Zod,” sings about wanting to, as a raptor, sexually cannibalize a girl. In many of HTB’s songs, not only do they seem to be making the ’80s into a great big joke, but they make the ’80s hardcore one as well. Yet, they do it oh so well.