September 20, 2007

The Bias Cut

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I am sure you will all be happy to hear that my alter-ego, Regina (named after the wonderful, fabulous and uber bitchy Mean Girl) is taking off this week. I will not be ranting about Vera Bradley or trying to make people cry because I ripped on their use of leggings. Instead, I will be giving you a couple of suggestions on the Ithaca staples — jeans and sweaters, for you to take advantage of.
Let’s start with jeans. Jeans are my favorite staple and I get very sad when jeans that are not properly chosen for the individual. If you go to any department store, there are tables and tables of different styles, designers and fits, all so everybody can find their perfect match. Finding a pair of jeans is like finding a husband. It isn’t easy, but once done it should be very rewarding.
Purchasing jeans because the ass pocket screams True Religion or because it has studded skulls to advertise your addiction to Intermix is so two years ago. Simple and sophisticated is what is hot right now — so keep that pocket clean!
When looking for a pair of understated jeans you might want to consider this fall’s stylish wide-leg and trouser jeans. This is a bold move, especially on a campus in the middle of nowhere. But if you feel that they fit you properly — that is, your best friend shrieks with excitement as you walk out of the dressing room and look like that stunning model in the pages of Lucky magazine — please go ahead, purchase. You will make my day, maybe even month.
Although wide legs are the talk of the town right now, don’t retire your skinny jeans. Skinny jeans are still hot and follow the simple and sophisticated trend. A couple of my suggestions are Sass and Bide, and my personal favorite Cheap Mondays (they actually are cheap and so comfortable, I own them in every color). Skinny jeans are great to throw on with stylish boots, cute ballet flats or many people’s favorite, the flip-flop, before running to class.
My next fall must-have is the Chunky sweater or cashmere cardigan. They are practical and very Ithaca-friendly. Last fall we saw over-sized boyfriend sweaters, but this season the chunky sweater or cardigan has emerged with a very tailored fit. The new sweaters are now fitted and lengthened and are in most top designers’ collections.
Adam Lippes ’95, the designer for Adam + Eve (a Cornell Alum and one of my favorites), currently has some great sweaters on the racks of Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman. Some other designers with great sweaters for this season are Marc by Marc Jacobs, AKA New York and Alice & Olivia.
No matter how much we love our sweaters, whether it is long or short, we shall not forget that Chunky sweaters must be matched with appropriate apparel to be pulled off. For example, don’t wear them with Juicy sweats or ill-fitting jeans and please try to use leggings less frequently than last year.
A fabulous celebrity example is our good friend Mary Kate (whom I love to call my homeless chic idol). She has been seen and photographed in the past wearing very skinny jeans (on maybe her too skinny legs, just maybe) with heels and a Chunky knit sweater. So if you are going to wear a sweater to protect your body from the Ithaca climate, please do it in a fashionable manner!
Don’t worry. The nice sales associate in me will be back again to discuss the tailored jacket, pants, skirt and bag very soon. Let’s remember to keep it simple stupid. Dress this season with sophistication and simplicity. Hope to be seeing those great jeans and sweaters around campus! And boys even though I have been focusing on female fashion, watch out!