September 28, 2007

Female Photographed Without Consent in Dorm Shower

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A female student reported that an unknown male took photographs of her in the shower this morning without her consent, according to an e-mail sent to certain dormitory listserves by the Residence Hall Director of the Gothics.

At around 8 a.m., the female student looked up while showering in South Baker Hall and saw a person holding a camera phone over the shower stall, the e-mail said. She then saw a heavier set Asian male about 5’10” leaving the bathroom. The suspect was described as wearing a light blue button down polo shirt and dark jeans; he had “distinct thick” eyebrows, short, styled hair and potentially facial acne.
The cellphone was dark blue, three to four inches wide with a stubby antennae on the right hand side.

The e-mail said that the suspect is not believed to be a resident of South Baker. Residential Advisors will visit bathrooms while on rounds “for safety and security monitoring,” but will announce that they are entering before they do, the e-mail said.

Anyone with information on the incident is encouraged to contact the Cornell police at (607)255-1111.