October 18, 2007

Record Review: Alex Kresovich '08

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Executive producer Alex Kresovich ’08 takes listeners on an emotional roller coaster with diverse board work and an appealing mix of vocal talents on The Crowned Prince. The album has everything from S-Caliber’s raw “Gears of War” with drums that sound like marching feet, guns and explosions in one, to KOD’s party approved “Chillin In It.”
Hystwise shows his aptitude for metaphors on “My Autograph.” In the equally witty “Sneakers” he cleverly uses talk of footwear to refer to women — Hystwise claims “Some had to let ’em go/ They was on me too tight.”
Another highlight of the compilation is Estee Nack’s “El General.” Nack flows flawlessly over sluggish drums that will have heads nodding in extra slow motion.
With a long roster of emcees, each with his own voice, flow and musical preferences, such a compilation could prove difficult to pull together. Kresovich does a good job of making this collection of varied music sound like a cohesive album. The Crowned Prince is hip-hop royalty.