October 18, 2007

Record Review: Motion City Soundtrack

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There is no better “feel good” album than Motion City Soundtrack’s Even if it Kills Me. It is filled with tracks that will pick you up after a lousy day, such as “Antonia” and “Broken Heart.” People who were not previously fond of the group will find that they’ve improved in areas. Lead singer Justin Pierre, for instance, who previously could have been criticized for his high-pitched whine, has more control over his voice and is not as excessively ambitious. Some lyrics are cliché: “Are we ever gonna get it right?/ Are we ever gonna start making sense…,” but there are original lyrics to make up for these and the general variety of each track, especially the openings, make up for this shortcoming. “I Fell in Love Without You” commences with an intriguing symphonic crescendo of sounds and “The Conversation” with a simple piano melody. So, to answer the question, yes, Motion, you’ve gotten it right.