October 25, 2007

Smellerific: Simply Stunning

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Thierry Mugler once eloquently said, “A fragrance is like an aura around you, an angel whispering in your ears.” This vision has surely been fulfilled in Thierry Mugler’s Cologne. Yes, that’s right; it’s just called “Cologne.” It’s aptly named so because of its simplicity and grace. “Cologne” is a delightful unisex fragrance that is a disguised work of art. The olfactory sense is not something that should be stimulated to the extremes. The nose should be gently teased by perfumes with subdued and refined grace. “Cologne” does this perfectly. It’s gloriously exuberant opening makes you feel like you woke up in a musical and your body just can’t hold in the song that will surely come from your lips. And the bright rays of sunshine that the opening brings keep shining hours on end. Right after the blast of joy, “Cologne” turns soapy. It’s not Lysol clean like the harsh Acqua di Gio, but rather smells of a freshly bathed child, lying on a field of emerald grass. Finally, a hint of white musk is prevalent in the dry-down of “Cologne” and it is irresistibly sexy on both men and women. Although “Cologne” is a simple and minimalistic fragrance, there is simply nothing like it.

4 stars.