October 30, 2007

City News

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Local Churches Have Joint Service for IHS
Last Friday, two of Ithaca’s churches, the Calvary Baptist Church and St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, hosted a joint prayer service. According to the Ithaca Journal, the goal of the service was to pray for the Ithaca community following the racial and socioeconomic tension that has been exposed at Ithaca High School within recent weeks. The Calvary Baptist has a congregation largely comprised of African Americans and St. Paul’s congregation is mostly white. Approximately 70 people attended the service.

Full County Legislature to Vote on Budget Nov. 7
The Expanded Budget Committee voted 8-6 on Wednesday to recommend the budget to Tompkins County’s full legislature, according to the Ithaca Journal. On Nov. 7, the Legislature will meet. They will either tentatively adopt the budget if approved in a vote or if the budget is not approved, the tentative budget will be adopted as the county budget. In the county budget, total spending is slated to increase by 1.6 percent to $72.4 million, total levy is slated to increase 2.8 percent to $35.8 million and the tax rate is slated to decrease 38 percent to 1.6 percent, according to The Journal.