October 31, 2007

Halloween's Time for a Little Fun

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Your first glance at today’s CornellSun.com might have been a bit shocking, to say the least. Who donated $40 million? Why didn’t Jonny O’s win the “Wildest Bar in America” award? This is just plain ludicrous! Well, before you complain to your congressman, we at The Sun actually just want to wish you a Happy Halloween! The articles you saw previously are a part of our semi-annual joke issue–the other one is printed on April 1st–and we’re sorry to tell you that nothing you read is true, unfortunately. As much as we’d love to buy the motivational tapes Jim Knowles is purported to be selling, they don’t exist.

But we’re certainly glad you’ve found the real part of the site, with stories you can reliably believe, if you so choose. Have fun trick-or-treating!