October 31, 2007

Sources: W. Soccer Threw Games

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This article appeared in the 2007 edition of the annual Halloween joke issue. The content below was intended for entertainment and parody purposes only and is not true. Happy Halloween!

The women’s soccer team has lost its last seven games by a combined score of 16-0. Now we may know why.
In a set of confidential documents obtained by The Sun and after interviewing a number of officials within Cornell Athletics, The Sun has confirmed that the team violated a series of NCAA rules and gambling laws by throwing its games to cover point spreads.
According to the documents, which were authenticated by high-ranking Cornell officials and Cornell Athletics officials, the women’s side recieved payments of $186,518.65 per goal allowed in games lost.
High-ranking members of Cornell Athletics also confirmed that the program has been suspended indefinitely from play. The team was not made available for comment as NCAA and law-enforcement officials continued to investi