November 1, 2007

Record Review: Home Schooled

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Kids say the darndest things … in soul tunes? Home Schooled: the ABCs of Kid Soul is one of the latest (and greatest) compilations from The Numero Group. This album boasts a quirky amalgamation of rarely-noted funk bands, like the “Manchild Singers” and “Jr. & His Soulettes.” Ever heard either of them? Neither have I — but I’m pretty sure you can catch their drift. In the vein of many other Motown hits of the era, these babe balladeers promise to do anything for love, like “carry your books and lunch pack to school.” Indeed, these precocious singers swagger in much the same style as other Soul greats like James Brown or Stevie Wonder, but their prepubescent vocal registers belie their musical prowess. So if you thought the world of sugary-sweet kid soul was limited to Jackson 5 or the Osmonds, consider widening your repertoire and try this album on for size.