November 1, 2007

The Bias Cut

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After a weekend (and Wednesday night) of scaring people and trying to figure out who is underneath the costume of the guy or girl you just made out with, I would like to relay to all of you a belated happy Halloween and a big welcome to November. I would also like to give kudos to all of those who wore wonderful costumes this weekend and worked very hard at putting them together. I must admit, scary and slutty hasn’t looked so good since Kady, Karen, Gretchen and Regina were in costume, making out with second cousins and trying to win over the heart of Aaron Samuels.
I am also proud to say that I saw many greats boots incorporated into some of the ridiculous yet amazing costumes roaming around College Avenue around 2 a.m. Sunday morning. However, sadly, the same effort was not put forth on Monday, which happened to be a beautiful, sunny day. So to help as many of you as possible to harness on cute boots before Christmas and to help me say “Uggs” in as few of my future articles as possible, let’s map out the good versus plain old ugly.
As we all know, Uggs are very comfortable, but last year might have been the last season they could be pulled off. I am sad to say that I saw UGGs all over campus on Monday afternoon. It wasn’t a cold day and very unnecessary. Painfully, I was forced to bear witness to gray jeans tucked into camel Uggs on that otherwise beautiful Monday morning. Ouch. I even walked behind some unfortunate girl for an entire block listening to her Uggs drag against the pavement, with two holes in what seemed to be a pair of Hard Tails.
It’s been far too many Sundays since Uggs have been regulars in The Post’s Snaps sections, or anywhere but the don’t lists within US Weekly. Ok, maybe La Lohan is an exception, but she blacked out so much of the last couple of years that we can forgive her for thinking it’s February 2006.
But I will not argue with the importance of not losing your toes to the cold, and won’t ask that you all toss out those ever-so-comfortable boot/slippers. But if you can lick a metal pole and it doesn’t stick, it is not cold enough to start whipping those puppies out. On another note, Uggs aren’t necessarily practical for those slushie mid winter treks to class. All Ugg wearers know that they are as absorbent as kitchen sponges and having you feet squish in damp fur isn’t too pleasant. For those days look to a cute rain boot with warm socks. Your feet will thank you.
Boots that hold the go ahead card: Riding Boots, simple or sophisticated leather boots, suede, flats and most knee-highs. But no stillettos or patent leather, puh-lease! Your chance to go out as Julia Roberts in the early scenes of Pretty Woman has passed, I am sorry. Keep those kickers in the closet until late October, 2008. If totally basic/safe is not your thing, then maybe add a little pizazz into your outfit by finding boots of a unique color. Outrageous is acceptable, depending upon your intent. I mean, at one point in my life, I may have worn fire engine red pants for months by choice, at the time, I enjoyed the stopping traffic and felt they were worth the gawks they received on Madison Avenue. I wasn’t arguing that they were chic, but they weren’t terrible and I was having fun with them. My point is, if you’re following my article for amusement, please do as you wish —within reason. If you’re following my article for genuine fashion advice, keep those outlandish outbursts to a minimum to avoid an excess of car accidents or unnecessary injuries.