November 8, 2007

Record Review: Magik Markers

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With over twenty CD-Rs and vinyl-only releases since 2002, it’s high time for an “official” studio release from the Magik Markers (formerly a trio, now Elisa Ambrogio and Pete Nolan). In the past, the Magik Markers have been known mostly for their atonal guitars and Elisa’s weird, improvised rants. Well those things are still here, I suppose, but adjusted and rearranged. You could say things are “toned down” on this album, but that’s not really the right word. There is definitely a more melodic element in here and Elisa is singing instead of snarling. But this is done cacophonously. When the band pushes a melody they go for it with the same vigor and disregard that they had previously (and still do) unleashed in discordant noise. I don’t think this is a band making an appeal to “accessibility.” I think this is more like a band becoming accessible and pleasurable as they refine their abundant talents.