November 8, 2007

Smellerific: Three Sprays Too Many

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While diligently cramming at the library one night, I stood up, stretched and saw a piece of paper on the floor next to my chair.
Apparently, the person behind me left a note before she got up. It read: “YOUR COLOGNE IS TOO STRONG!! PLEASE BE MORE COURTEOUS TO OTHER LIBRARY PATRONS.”
No, I am not joking. Although my friends, male and female alike, ardently attacked the mysterious “nose” with a plethora of insults, she does make a valid point. Never EVER overspray. EVER. I mean it. People are fallible though; even I make mistakes (but to make my case, we were in close quarters and it was extremely hot). Scenteurs who like to enjoy their fragrance to the fullest extent are not afraid being noticed sometimes. There is a difference, however, between being noticed and imposing your scent on an entire room. Believe me, this article is NOT a call to arms for all you “bros” to empty a can and a half of body spray on yourselves every morning. Everything in moderation my friend. If you don’t know what that word means, go for 3 sprays (or less) of fragrance. As for body sprays … stay tuned next