November 15, 2007

Smellerific: The BS Epidemic

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Body sprays, grrrrr. I will always remember how their misleading advertisements have failed me. But, really, the main issue is Body Spray abuse. BS abuse is an epidemic very few call attention to. It affects males aged 13-30 and is marked by a compulsive desire to overspray every single canister of Axe or Tag that your regular bro can get his hands on.
That said, I will analyze the two most popular Axe products (“Phoenix” and “Essence”) and a bottle of Axe “Orion” from my days of yesteryear (read: Sophomore year of highschool). “Essence” is, sadly, not a terrible fragrance. If applied lightly, it’s sweet and aromatic. Ultimately however, it is as one-dimensional as its brothers. “Phoenix” is much stronger and noticeable but not in a pleasant way. Think of my horrid review of Lacoste “Essential” and you’re on the right path. Lastly though, there’s a certain place in my heart that “Orion” still occupies.
The olfactory however, is much more discriminatory and only detects a simple soap scent. Though not completely repulsive, the “Axe” line leaves much to be desired. Maturity? Refinement? You be the judge.
I have a headache from the BS.