November 29, 2007

Around the Ivies

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Juan Carlos Coello and Julio Quambana were both charged with aggravated sexual assault, carrying a weapon and reckless and endangerment in connection with two teenage girls they met on MySpace, the Yale Daily News reported. The victims were two sisters who were 16 and 17, and they met in East Haven last Sunday night, according to New Haven police. A knife was involved in the assault, but neither girl was hospitalized because of the incident. Police were not clear if alcohol was involved in the attack.

A senior at the University of Pennsylvania was arrested last week for stalking female students and allegedly stealing their undergarments. The Daily Pennsylvanian reported that Diexia Wang had several purses, a woman’s jacket and over 30 bras and panties in his dorm room. Wang was arrested when a suspicious student called the police after seeing Wang attempt to enter her apartment. Wang was arrested and held on $200,000 bail, of which his parents have paid 10 percent. The effects of the arrest on his enrollment at Penn have not yet been determined.

Even with the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005, Dartmouth will continue to offer students free birth control, The Dartmouth reported this week. The Deficit Reduction Act changed the prices of birth control at many universities across the country, including Cornell.
“We are here as a service to students,” said Jeff Licht, staff pharmacist at Dick’s House at Dartmouth. Licht also said that by stocking only one brand of birth control, the pharmacy has been able to keep its costs low.