November 29, 2007

Smellerific: Blazing Beauty

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With all the hemp-based body products on the market for you to buy in a few weeks as unoriginal, last-minute gifts for loved ones, Cannabis Santal by Fresh would seem like an obvious choice as far as holiday fragrances go.
Based on the peculiar name of the fragrance, I know what you’re probably wondering. And no — no it doesn’t smell like that (not that I would know what that’s like anyway).
This unisex perfume does however offer an interesting mix of smells for your fragrance wardrobe, which all of you who are avid readers should be working on by now.
The first few whiffs of this “forbidden elixir” are undeniably fresh with citrusy notes. This changes quickly as the scent takes a sharp turn. Along with the “cannabis accord,” which is most likely synthetic, a hint of a dirty rose accord mixes with some patchouli to create a harmonic blend. This euphoria lingers throughout, but heavy, dark chocolate and vanilla come out to play. They also share the foreground with sandalwood (“Santal”). Cannabis Santal doesn’t smell like a bunch of teenagers smoking behind a McDonald’s. It is Buddhist monks melting chocolate in a sandalwood bowl over a patchouli fire. Complete sagacity.
5 Stars.