January 2, 2008

Bored Over the Break?

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So there I was, at home in my PJs at 4 in the afternoon on Wednesday, finishing up this season of Weeds while the rest of you lovely people were stuck at Cornell, in the library studying for finals and dealing with the snow. (You think I’m gloating? It’s because I am. Suckers.) But here’s the truth — the first few days — even week — of break, are great: no time frames, no commitments, just enjoying not getting kicked out of bars in Chicago, watching TV, and sitting on my behind at home. But soon, life gets pretty damn boring. If you’re one of those who like boring beyond the first blissful week, you have nothing to do but shake your head at me and say “poor girl, why doesn’t she enjoy being a couch potato?” But, if you are like me, get stir crazy pretty easily, and don’t have the limitless funds or motivation to plan a trip to Europe, the Bahamas, or Antarctica (Rabs, I miss you already), then you need to set some goals, and fast. Here are mine—you are welcome to mock or copy if you wish:

1: TV shows. (What – you thought by goals I meant big stuff? Pshh…)
School sucks because it keeps me from watching my shows, which means I get behind, which is bad for business. Here’s what I have to catch up on/finish up/start:
Californication – This is a mixed bag, because watching the great weather makes me wish I were in Venice as opposed to Chicago right now; also because that girl Mia gives me nightmares; and mainly because the beyond-gratuitous nudity makes me blush. Ignoring the clichéd premise, the show is well written, and Duchovny does a great job as emotionally-stunted good guy.
Weeds – The show has gotten flack for going downhill (read: getting boring) this season; even if the show has deteriorated, Mary Louise Parker remains one of my biggest girl crushes of all time. Watch it, love it, love her, then watch Angels in America.
Pushing Daisies – Did you ever see Dead Like Me? No? You should. But even so, Brian Fuller, the great mind behind my favorite show (darkly funny story about a dead girl turned Grim Reaper who experiences life …. after she’s dead) has restructured a similar storyline for ABC. If you can handle the CW guy as an omniscient narrator (whether I can has yet to be determined), then you should try it. Worse comes to worst, you hate it, and go pick up a copy of Dead Like Me, which you should do anyway.
Gossip Girl – It’s awesome, and I have no qualms admitting to it. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t read the books; it may even be better; but some of the mediocre acting is made up for by a few stellar outbreaks (Lily Van der Woodsen and Blair, for starters) and the overall prettiness; both of cast and the Big Apple.
2: Movies
Atonement – This is a book you have to read first: No words I use will correctly summarize the story, but read it, then see the movie; we can talk about whether they do a good job or not later.
Penelope – Continuing with the James McCavoy theme, Penelope is supposed to be an edgy fairy tale about a rich young girl cursed to look like a pig; only her true love who sees past it can rectify it. Basically, it looks like a better version of Enchanted – and without the singing, which means no annoying songs that get stuck in your head later.
Juno – Michael Cera is taking over the world, but I am not complaining. In some ways, it looks like an updated, secular version of Saved, but if you’ve seen Saved, you know that only says good things.
3: Sporting Events
If you know me, you are probably shaking your head right now; I’m not the biggest sports fan. But I love two sports-related things in this world: the Bulls, and really violent hockey matches (extra points if they beat up the ref). I am unashamed to admit it: I couldn’t tell you the Blackhawks national ranking or any player’s name except for some rookie named Toews, but seeing the players smash up against the glass makes me a little giddy. If you are like me, then go find tickets for hockey games – the nice thing is that usually, the sport is so unpopular, tickets are cheap, and an easy way to play with your friends for the night.
4: Travel
I do not know where I am going over break; I am still wavering between skiing in Canada somewhere, eating something called beaver tails (which, I have learned, are not made of beaver), or playing in the sand in LA. My indecisiveness could be costly, but kayak.com and studentuniverse.com are made for procrastinators.

Now, you could also do stuff like read, go to a museum, or learn Japanese, but why not wait till we get back to school? See you in a month.

Julie Block is a Sun staff writer and blogger. She can be reached at [email protected].