January 21, 2008

International Reporting

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For 127 years Sun editors and staff members have brought news to the Cornell and Ithaca communities, covering Cornell’s campuses, the City of Ithaca and Tompkins County, as well as publishing stories about national and international news. While The Sun has travelled to Washington, D.C. to cover rallies that Cornell students were attending, written stories and columns from abroad programs and covered sporting events all over the country, this winter break marked the first time that The Sun sent reporters to another country to report on universities, media, life and culture — as well as Cornell alumni and the University’s historic and contemporary ties to that nation. Editor in Chief Jonny Lieberman ’08, Managing Editor Rebecca Shoval ’08, Associate Arts and Entertainment Editor Rebecca Weiss ’09 and Senior Photographer Matt Hintsa ’10 travelled to Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing earlier this month, where they met with students, professors and administrators from various universities, Cornell alumni and members of the media and toured those cities with Cornell students from China and other hosts.

Special thanks to Mao Ye grad and Shawn Kong grad for helping to organize this trip; Pei Zhu ’11, Ting Hua, Yunyun Cai ’11, Samantha WeiQin Dong ’11 and Rachel Yumeng Zheng ’10 for acting as translators and tour guides; The Sun Alumni Association for helping support the trip; Southeast University, Renmin University Campus Youth newspaper, the Shanghai Publishing Museum, the Cornell Club of Shanghai, Guangming Daily, China Campus and Kexue (Science) Magazine for their hospitality.