January 24, 2008

Best Songs of 2007

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“Coffee Shop,” Yung Joc
Though this “yung” rapper is known primarily for his two-step hit “Meet Me in the Club (It’s Going Down),” he’s also recorded one of the catchiest rap jams about brewing and serving gourmet “coffee” in recent history. Check those kiddy sing-song-along “la la la la la”s!

“5 Years Time,” Noah and the Whale
With lyrics like, “Yeah, well I feel pretty happy too/ and I’m always pretty happy just kicking back with you,” it’s hard not to fall hard for this pop band from jolly old England. A sunshiney song, brimming with a carpe diem message and an extra dose of hand claps, Noah and the Whale will steal your heart and you won’t mind. Check out their Wes Anderson-esque music video for an extra dose of “Aww.”

“Pro Nails,” Kid Sister
Kid Sister hails from Chi-town. How convenient, then, that fellow Chicagoan Kanye West offers his talents to this fantastic ode to the Mani/Pedi. The chopped and screwed refrain, “Got my toes done up with fingernails matching,” won’t leave your head soon.

“Electric Feel,” MGMT
The song’s title is self-explanatory: the song does have an 80’s, synth-heavy “electric feel” to it. An angel simultaneously gets its wings and has a dance party in your soul whenever this song bumps on your boom box.

“All My Friends,” LCD Soundsystem
Frenzied staccato pianos and danceable beats bounce under James Murphy lamenting the trials and conflicts of growing old and still wanting to have a good time. The track speaks for itself, but yo, check it: it also made Time Magazine’s top ten best songs of the year (#4). Duly noted: It was Pitchforkmedia.com’s number one song of 2007.