February 4, 2008

Focal Points: Cornellians and Ithacans Sound Off on the Candidates

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David Dillenbeck, Wilson Farms employee
Preferred Candidate: Hillary Clinton
“I think a woman would do a better job. We’ve had men running the country for the last 200 years and they just keep putting us further and further in debt. I think a woman may be able to take us out of debt and turn this country around. Do some good.”

Rayna Reid ’10
Preferred Candidate: Barack Obama
“[Obama] is really the best candidate for the job. I interned with the Hillary Clinton campaign and I didn’t like some of the tactics they were using. I feel like they weren’t listening to the voters. I feel like Obama’s really going to change things.”

Matt Galati ’09
Preferred Candidate: John McCain or Barack Obama
“Overall I’m not a big fan of the Republicans’ social policies in general, but [John McCain] seems more moderate. He’ll be willing to work with bipartisan kind of projects. He’ll be more willing to work with Democrats and Republicans in general. Barack Obama seems different. He seems more honest than the other candidates. I feel that things will change. His exit strategies seem more reasonable.”

Spencer Herman ’10
Preferred Candidate: Hillary Clinton
“I think that she, with Bill behind her, will be able to lead the country. I mean, I think that based on the debate in New Hampshire, she is actually going to make change happen, which all of the candidates talk about. But she’s the only one actually doing it, so I think she’ll be a good president.”

Richard McComb, Ithaca resident
Preferred Candidate: John McCain
“At this point, I think McCain looks like the best of the candidates. He, among other things, isn’t afraid to go against the political machine, even in his own party. He’s had disagreements. He actually looks out for what’s best for his constituents and the people he’s supposed to be serving to decide on his policy reactions rather than strictly following the party line or a political poll that has been issued.”

Frank Bordenet, Cornell Staff
Preferred Candidate: not planning on voting
“You better start packing your wallet. [Hillary Clinton’s] gonna take your money away! We pay way too many taxes here. [I would vote] for myself!
If Hillary Clinton gets in there I just hope she’ll turn things around and make it better for everybody else. That’s what we need — somebody out there looking out for us. Hopefully we’ll get some more jobs around [Ithaca].”

Raymond Mensah ’11
Preferred Candidate: Undecided
“I was for Giuliani, but now that he’s out, unfortunately I’m not very sure who I will support. It looks as if now the person who is going to win the nomination for my party will be John McCain, unfortunately. Though I don’t really care for John McCain, he’s not bad. But I just think that he’ll be too out of touch with the youth today. You know what, this will be the first election that I’ll be able to cast a vote and sadly this may be the term where I vote for a Democrat, even though that it’s unlikely now. If I were to vote for one, it would probably be Obama because though I disagree with him on some issues, mainly the war in Iraq, I do feel that he could do a lot of good in the country. But, you know, as of now, I’m not really sure who I support. I have to go back to the drawing board, and we’ll see I guess.”