February 14, 2008

Mahjongg Test Spin

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Mahjongg, and their latest album Kontpab, is without a genre, without a category, without a pigeonhole for the skinny-jeans-wearing hipster to shove them into — Kontpab is a frenzied, energetic and loud farrago of imaginative distortion and percussion sequences against a backdrop of experimental vocals. Commanding traditional indie sounds as well as raging dance tunes, Kontpab is an awesome contribution to the recent indie-dance-electronic scene. And the few who attended Mahjongg’s surprise show at No Radio Records earlier this year, discovered a refreshing and hypnotic — though small — dance party. Kontpab’s rawness is the precise dosage of noise-rock for the indie-dance-electronic scene. Kontpab’s evocative techno numbers like “Kottbusser Torr” and “Wipe Out” are tunes destined to be the soundtrack of nights of debauchery in 2008. Support K Records and buy Mahjongg’s Kontpab today!