February 14, 2008

Overheard: Can Boys get AIDS?

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Girl: Well it’s fine, just sleep with him.
Gay Guy: I would sleep with everyone in the world as long they’re not in my 8:40.

Sorority Girl 1: I gave up candy for lent. I’m buying Twizzlers. They’re not candy, right?
Sorority Girl 2: No.

Asian girl [on cell phone]: Can boys get AIDS?

Bitch 1: So can you, like, carry on with your life normally?
Bitch 2: What do you mean?
Bitch 1: I mean, like, can you have sex?
-Bathroom at Trillium

Weird Girl: Poop is cool.

Drunk sorority girl wearing a miniskirt [to friend]: OMG! I’m totally freezing!
Random Tall freshman male: I wonder why? … Welcome to Miami …
-North campus at midnight

Dude: When I need surgery, I need surgery.
-Uris Library

Freshman: The class wouldn’t have been so bad if my buzz didn’t wear off half way through.

– Walking into Trillium

Drunk Girl (stealing someone’s drink): I didn’t just spit in it… it was more like boogers went in!
– Townhouses

Girl: Someday I’ll have sexual jokes of my own.

Girl 1: What is your goal weight?
Girl 2: SEXY!
– Helen Newman Locker Room

Girl to drunk boy: Not everybody gets to fuck their babysitter!

Politically Keyed-in College Student: Who’s that other guy running for president … Mickabee??

Girl 1: You know what happened the last time we had a young president?
Guy: Yeah … he got shot!
Girl 2: I’m surprised some hasn’t shot Bush yet … you’d think at least Dick Cheney would take care of it!

Girl: That’s a small baby. You know, for college.

Sorority girl on the bus: My friend Nikki is having a baby. They’re having a Welcome-the-Baby kegger.
-Near Statler

Cook [to girl waiting in line]: What can I get for you, sir?
Girl [looking around]: Oh I know he wasn’t talking to me.