February 21, 2008


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So, I bet all you AAP students who read this column regularly (all three of you) are wondering “Now X, what fragrance would be fitting for an Architecture, Art and Planning student to wear?” Well, seeing how you architects don’t have time to sleep, I doubt there’s much time for a shower either. And although I do NOT support the use of cologne as an alternative to bathing, I do have a fragrance that will be perfect for you art aficionados out there.

Not only did Pablo Picasso create some of the most influential paintings of the 20th century, he also had some kids. One of them is the charming Paloma Picasso who created her first and only male fragrance Minotaure in 1992. The artistic bottle even accentuates the originality of this scent.

At first whiff, the stuff is quite powerful. A stampede of citrus accords gallops through and clears your nose. Afterwards, you smell like a stable but not in a bad way. Imagine a surreal world where stables are pleasantly fragrant with lavender flowers and vanilla beans growing around outside mixing with the leather saddles hung on the sandalwood frames of the stable. That’s the provocatively enticing Minotaure. Daddy would be proud.