February 24, 2008

Barack Obama and the Super Bowl

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“This week is going to suck. Over the span of three days both the Giants and Obama are going to lose. I see a depression coming on in the near future,” my friend told me on Friday, February 1st. At that point, you didn’t need a crystal ball to tell you that the Giants were indeed going to lose 18-0 to the Patriots and that Senator Barack Obama’s storied run for the Democratic nomination was most probably coming to an end.

A few weeks later, the Vince Lombardi trophy now belongs to that gritty franchise from New York and Obama may be headed to the nomination. When all is said and done, February 2008 may forever go down in history as the month where the establishment went to die. Here we look at the remarkably similar

If Barack Obama wins the nomination, will he give us a celebratory touchdown dance?

York Giants

August 6, 2007:

end Michael Strahan considers sitting out the season
and perhaps retiring completely, stating that he was standing “before that proverbial fork in the road.” Strahan eventually decides to play.

September 20, 2007:

The Giants stumble out of the gate, going 0-2 in their first two games. The New York Times publishes an article entitled “Frustration and Hope Bubble Up for Giants.” Though the Giants know they have talent, they have yet to exploit it.

December 23, 2007:

Giants complete a surprising run by convincingly beating the Bills to clinch a playoff spot and are now labeled contenders for the 2008 Super Bowl title. The Giants look forward to their next match against the Patriots, a team that is known to be unstoppable.
December 29, 2007:
After an early lead against the Patriots, the Giants lose as the Patriots make an unbelievable comeback to finish the season 16-0.

January 13 and 20, 2008:
Giants pick up steam with a big wins in Dallas and Green Bay to help them advance with a good bit of momentum into the Super Bowl.

February 3, 2008:
Giants hold off the Patriots for the first three quarters of the game,
giving them a chance to come from behind and win it in the fourth quarter.
Later that night:
The Giants win the Super Bowl.
Senator Barack Obama

February 10, 2007:

Barack Obama, probably considering whether or not to run against the powerful force of Senator Hillary Clinton, declares his candidacy for the presidency from the old state capitol building in Illinois.

April 8, 2007:
stumbles out of the gate and is criticized by many for having the ability to
inspire but instead going around Iowa and putting people to sleep. His
message is summed up in the title of his book, “Audacity of
,”but that hope also seems to be coupled with frustration.

January 2, 2007:
polling somewhere in the twenties for most of the Iowa campaign, Obama
takes Iowa in a convincing win over senator Clinton. The win labels him as a real contender for the title and he is favored to win a tough battle in New Hampshire five days later, baffling a Clinton campaign once labeled as unstoppable.

January 8, 2008:
an early lead in the polls, Obama loses to Clinton as she makes an unbelievable comeback to reclaim her position as the frontrunner.

January 26, 2008:
Obama picks up steam with a big win in South Carolina to help him advance with a good bit of momentum into Super Tuesday.

February 5, 2008:
Obama holds off Hillary Clinton on Super Tuesday, proving he can keep
up with her and giving him a chance to come from behind and win the

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