February 28, 2008

Cornell in Tinsel Town: Future Filmmakers

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The future of Cornell’s film legacy rests in the hands of its current film students. Some of their current short films have wound up on YouTube. Let’s take a look at a couple:

Library Limbo: Animated by artists in Film 325 in summer 2006, this short video was done in the style of old-school cartoons of the 1920s and ’30s. McGraw Clocktower, with a huge smile on its face, bobs up and down; the doors of Uris Library blink open and shut; someone in the cocktail lounge sneaks a sip from his flask. Basically a pretty accurate representation of the typical day at the library, right? Seriously though, this cartoon is pretty awesome.

The C.U.: Cornell film does The O.C. A remake of the Fox soap’s first episode, the 9-minute short features Ian Jones ’10 as a latter-day Ryan Atwood. His name is Brian, and he was a violin-virtuoso at Harvard until he got caught by the campus police at a drug-deal with his bad-seed friend. You can probably piece together the rest of the story yourself. If this little movie has nothing else going for it, it still has … um, heart?