February 28, 2008

Test Spin: Jason Collett

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On his second solo album, Broken Social Scener Jason Collett keeps his streak of singer-songwriter excellence. Here’s To Being Here takes the pop, folk-rock style he managed with grace in Idols of Exile and stretches it out, pushing into new genres and styles. With “Charlyn, Angel of Kensingston” he introduces an afro-pop beat into the mix while “Sorry Lori” is an unabashedly pop number that allows Collett to showcase his unassuming vocal range and lyrics. The first track on the album, “Roll On Oblivion” has the rollicking momentum of “Fire” off of Idols but manages to retain its own sound and style at the same time. So far in his solo efforts, Collett’s come up with two solid doubles, and I think the third time might be a home run. But for now, here’s to hearing Here’s To Being Here (and with that, my critics credentials are summarily removed).