March 6, 2008

Smellerific: Ambre Pour Homme

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Useless, simply useless.

It is difficult for me to absolutely abhor any fragrance I smell. Even though I may not enjoy a certain scent, it usually has some redeeming qualities others may enjoy. Prada’s Ambre Pour Homme however, tests my olfactory patience.

Let’s start with the bottle. It’s gorgeous. This thin rectangle that magically houses Prada’s latest creation is made of thick heavy glass, features a solid metal spray, and the liquid is a glorious shade of purple. Oh how its vanity deceives thee. First of all, the bright bergamot (citrus) top notes fade in a matter of seconds (I literally clocked it in at around 40 seconds) and the fragrance fades slowly into tedious oblivion. The middle and base accords clash together into some incomprehensible mess that is both tiresome for the wearer and unpleasant for anyone near the wearer. I get a prominent vetiver (a type of root) note, a hint of suede and barely any patchouli. Unlike Guerlain’s classic Vetiver, this rendition is watered down and layered with annoying yet subtle notes that add nothing to the overall experience of the cologne. The end product just frustrates me. Ambre simply makes me mad because there is really no reason for its existence.