March 11, 2008

M. Tennis Drops Tight Match to Binghamton

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Friday afternoon, the weather let up its obsession with the “wintry mix” long enough to permit the men’s tennis team to challenge regional rival Binghamton to a dual match at the Reis Tennis Center. Unfortunately, Cornell was unable to capitalize on the Ithaca weather gods’ timely generosity, falling, 4-3. The Red won the doubles’ point, but was edged out in singles matches. 4-2. Only the No. 2 and No. 5 singles players, junior Josh Goldstein and sophomore Jonathan Fife, respectively, were able to come away with victories. Both the No. 2 pair, of senior Rory Heggie and Fife, and the No. 3 pair, junior Marc Ash and freshman Mizra Klis, earned wins for the Red as well.
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