March 13, 2008

Bias Cut (3-13-08)

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I wish I were able to start this article off with a “Happy Memorial Day!” exclamation that was more than just a cruel joke. I wish that the three months ahead were to be filled outdoor tennis, swim up bars, and weekly use of your adorable new J. Crew suit. I wish that black athletic socks would cease to exist.
Alas, we can only ask for so many things, and so you are going to have to enjoy the summer tease of spring break for just one week before returning to the snow of our beloved Ithaca. But let me not downplay the importance of paying attention to your attire during spring break; the sun, chlorine, and that seventh pina colada are not sufficient excuses for a mismatched two-piece bathing suit or a bright orange beach towel around your waist.
So I’ve decided to continue last week’s plea for appropriate spring break preparation.
Summer shoes are key on spring break. Do not, I stress this a great deal, be the fool who walks to the pool in running shoes, unties them, and then places them next to their lounge chair. That’s okay at 9 a.m. when no one is by the pool and you just ran a 6+ mile run and want to dive into the ocean and/or pool, but not when you are about to lounge, read a book, order a cocktail, and socialize. Those bad boys shouldn’t be outside without caution.
Also, on the scary, absolutely not, list is the horrific SNEAKER SANDALS! Teva’s, specifically. Water moccasins are an equally horrifying problem. Sadly I have worn both; Teva’s when I was nine and helpless, and water moccasins in Costa Rica because my white water rafting instructor refused to let me participate with out them.
I am glad to say that I’m pretty sure no pictures were taken, and if they were, they certainly haven’t been leaked yet. So men, please stick with flip-flops, rainbows or Havana’s — take your pick. And ladies, do the same, or if you are cautious and sometimes impractical for the purpose of aesthetics, a cute pair of Louboutin sandals or Jack Rogers. Speaking of Louboutin’s, don’t wear the 8-inch high wedges. You’ll look like a mail-order bride.
So for boys, stick to Banana Republic Chinos for nice dinners paired with clean flip flops, leather sandals are great as long as they aren’t too big/chunky or so stylish they make you look like a cast member of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Sear Sucker or madres pants or shorts all look great as well and can be found at J. Crew for affordable prices.
If color is your thing, spice up your outfit with a variety of colors from Ralph Lauren’s collection, he’s done some eccentric pants before. Lady’s skirts are always welcome and easy, but not jeans skirts, white denim and pants are also always fantastic and perfect to match with any of your tops that might have too many colors and clash with other bottoms besides jeans. But minimize jeans; you wear enough at Cornell … well, unless you’re too busy with leggings everyday.
Also ladies, lets forgo extremely short dresses, hopefully you’re staying at a classy place and not some shack in Acapulco where they are indeed acceptable.
So lotion up, take pictures and try to fall off tables with grace.