March 13, 2008

Smellerific: Spring Break Scents

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Although it’s still far from warm weather where we are, soon some of us will be lucky enough to escape for a week. Whether it’s Florida, California, the Gulf shores or Myrtle Beach, be prepared. Fragrantly prepared. Leave the heavy musks, spices and oriental aromas here in chilly Ithaca and head off with your light, fresh or aquatic scents. Also, something flirty, fruity or floral for the ladies would also be fitting. If you have absolutely no idea what I am talking about — once again, I’m here to help.

While at the duty-free, how about picking up some Allure Sport? This twist on the original Allure is both aquatic and classy. I rarely use both of those adjectives in conjunction when commenting on a fragrance, but Allure Sport is a deserving find.

Something else that goes perfectly with sun and sand is the irresistible Laguna by Salvador Dali. The scent is extremely original because this cologne is dominated by a slightly sweet saltwater accord. For you girls, try to find a little known perfume called Lulu Guinness. With a bottle that looks like a throwback to the 1920s, this amusing blend of floral delights will charm you and everyone around you out of their wits. Fun in the sun, here I come.