March 13, 2008

Test Spin: Austin Leeds

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Although his work can be heard on over thirty electronica and dance albums, Miami DJ Austin Leeds refused to produce a solo album until now because he wasn’t offered full creative control. ,em>Dirty Sound II/ Love Machine, however, has given Leeds the chance to create his own songs as well as remix popular dance beats. While rhythmic complexity varies throughout the album, every song is infused with energetic, tightly-merged beats. The album’s first single, “I Can’t Get Away,” provides the best example of this by combining bold, fast-paced baselines and crisp foreground rhythms. Unlike many recent electronica albums, no two songs on Dirty Sound II/Love Machine are alike. Each track is a unique progression through different beats and electronic additives, forcing the listener to finish the entire album before being able to appreciate its broad range of technical intricacy.