March 13, 2008

Test Spin: Ladyhawk

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Imagine this: You listen to a 10-track, 40-minute album that you don’t quite attach to emotionally. Three days later you have the beats from that album ringing in the back of your head, but for the life of you, you can’t remember where you heard these musical patterns. Eventually you recall the album, Shots, and the band, Ladyhawk, whose noise has been taking up space in your brain for days. When you remember, it is an ever-so-sweet moment because rather than simply being pleased that you recalled the band you heard three days ago, you actually feel like you just remembered an album you heard thirteen years ago. The reason? This latest album by Ladyhawk delightfully embodies the sounds of the ’90s-Alt-Rock genre. Upon rehearing the album you immediately fall in love with the songs “S.T.H.D.” and “Night You’re Beautiful” and can’t take them off of repeat.
If that scenario doesn’t satiate your musical appetite, then maybe the fact that Ladyhawk guitarist Darcy Hancock is the brother of Cornell’s very own Prof. Jeff Hancock of the communication department will!