March 19, 2008

Wednesday's Schedule

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For Coverage of the entire men’s basketball team’s NCAA Tournament run, direct from Anaheim, click here.

Tonight, Cornell got to practice in Anaheim for the first time.
Tomorrow, the teams that will play on Thursday have their press conferences. Cornell is scheduled to have it’s media session at Noon and an open practice around 12:45 p.m.

Just talking with some players and others in the media, although a heavy underdog, it seems to Harrison and me that Cornell CAN DEFINITELY WIN this game. Harrison will deal with the keys for Cornell much more in-depth, but here are a few we see for now:

  1. Post Defense — If we can contain their posts, the guards will have to come up big, and they haven’t shown the ability to do this yet.
  2. Adam Gore & “The Guards” — Everyone knows Ryan can shoot, Foote is big down low (and bails the team out when it gets in an offensive funk) and that Dale is the Ivy League’s best player. So, Gore could very easily sneak by in this group, and his production — or the production of Dale, Gore and Wittman, but not just 2-of-3 — makes the Red MUCH harder to defend.
  3. Big Men Play — Can the Red get big production on offense? Can it defend down low? Will Foote be able to match up?

We’ll be back bright and early tomorrow, where we’re covering the press conferences for ALL of the NCAA teams playing in Anaheim, along with the most comprehensive Cornell coverage in the country.

Updated 8:30 a.m. (PT) The team will also be practicing after its scheduled activities at the Honda Center. More information will be coming throughout the day.