April 3, 2008

Smellerific: M7 Fresh

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Although it seems that Tuesday’s weather was merely cruel April Fools joke, spring is coming right around the corner. Now, do any of you remember a suave, old-school scent called M7 I mentioned about six months ago? Well, it has a cousin, the aptly named M7 Fresh, and it is a hell of a ride.
The opening consists of a smooth, almost new-age grapefruit note that smells like both an Apple store and a fresh-out-of-the-box Sony VAIO. There is something distinctly sleek and sexy about this grapefruit that I just can’t describe. With the new-school feel of the grapefruit, the top notes consist of a traditional bergamot that has been around for ages. Imagine the classic citrus opening of Eau Sauvage if you will. The combination is like watching Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan battling it out for the same girl.
As the grapefruit lingers on through the entirety of this cologne, some hints of the original M7 come out. The sensual agarwood, vetiver and musk are still present, but subdued in some respects by the suave grapefruit accord. Though not as provocative as its predecessor, M7 Fresh still wins my nose. Ladies, stay tuned next week for your spring