April 10, 2008

Smellerific: Spring is in the Air

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Screw roses. I have nothing against the flower, but I’m getting sick and tired of smelling rose on every girl that wears perfume. Not only are rose perfumes common, but they are just tacky if overdone. An understated rose is the best rose to my nose.
Let me introduce to you Champs Elysées by the enigmatic perfume house, Guerlain. In the business for almost 200 years, the renowned House of Guerlain knows a thing or two about fragrances. One of their more overshadowed scents is named after THE Street in Paris.
The slight hint of rose in this is covertly hidden as the peach and melon top notes burst through with exuberant joy. Though the delightful peach stays, the heart notes introduce a variety of uncommon floral accords like mimosa, lily of the valley and peony. These are a breath of fresh floral air compared to the boring rose accords I smell every day.
Lastly, as the day comes to an end, Champs also ends perfectly sexy with almond and sandalwood — the perfect notes for a spring evening.
Not that you girls need to be sexier than you already are …