April 10, 2008

Test Spin: Moby

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If, while listening to the new Moby album, Last Night, you find yourself perusing old Eminem music videos on YouTube — to hear him make fun of Moby — it wouldn’t greatly surprise me. Although Moby’s eighth studio album begins with party-friendly rhythms, it ends up dragging on far too long. The peppy “257.zero” and “Everyday It’s 1989” set a trance-like mood, but their danceable beats fade into really repetitive and predictable patterns. The title track, “Last Night”, and another, “The Stars,” are tedious and tiresome. The album is simply not as captivating as Moby’s previous efforts; missing is the musician’s usual musical diversity. The prominent sound on Last Night is one purposefully drawn out, creating a mind-numbing yet obnoxious effect that lacks Moby’s previous pop-tastic appeal (present on 1999’s Play). In the end, I much preferred watching Eminem dance around in a Superman costume to Moby’s tedious tracks.