April 17, 2008

Test Spin: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

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I’ve always liked Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin’s lo-fi, simplistically gloomy yet buoyant melodies, witty lyrics and subtlety.
I was afraid, though, that I wasn’t going to like Pershing as much as their self-titled debut, because after listening to the first two tracks I didn’t hear any cohesion with the first release. “Glue Girls” and “Boring Foundation” used different instrumentation and tempos to achieve an entirely different musical feelings, and I was bracing myself for the worst.
Thankfully, though, these were the two greatest aberrations from the SSLYBY sound, which I would characterize as breathy, lo-fi melancholy that eventually grows to show you its inherent cheeriness. “The Beach Song,” one of the two best tracks, is where the group realigns to their softer sound, which propels onward for the rest of the album, with classics in the making like “Modern Mystery.” The lovers of Russia’s first president just need to better arrange their tracks to stay on track.