April 18, 2008

Common Council Fails to Approve Transfer of University Ave.

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On Wednesday, the Common Council Com­mittee failed to pass a memorandum in a 5-2 vote that would have called for Ithaca to give up the public right of way easement to University Avenue in exchange for Cornell’s promise to repair the road at full cost. Alderwomen Maria Coles (D-1st), who was expected to vote in favor of the resolution, was absent during the vote. Alderwoman Nancy Schuler (D-4th) and Mary Tomlan (D-3rd) voted against the resolution, citing reservations about Milstein’s design and unanswered questions, respectively. University Avenue is estimated to require $2 million in repairs. Ithaca and Cornell have disagreed for over 20 years as to who is financially responsible for its maintenance. Mayor Carolyn Peterson expects the resolution to be re-introduced and passed at the May Common Council meeting.