April 24, 2008

Live Jazz by YSL

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Did you find Saturday afternoon almost a little too hot? I know this concept of “too hot” is foreign to most of you after that long, long, lonely winter but I swear Saturday was uncomfortably warm. It seems that instead of spring scents, summer fragrances are what you should be reaching for every morning; something cool and refreshing that will keep you relaxed in the sweltering heat. As a big fan of both Yves St. Laurent and Jazz, I can assuredly recommend to you the fragrance Live Jazz for those hot, long, summer days.
More playful then its older brother the original Jazz, Live Jazz delivers upon its name; it sure is lively. It contains prominent mint and grapefruit notes in the opening which will chill you to the core if applied on a steamy afternoon or hot summer night. Live Jazz then mellows out and produces a very dominant cilantro accord. Finally the fragrance finishes off with a whisper of cedar since it doesn’t want to make you feel any warmer than you already are. Though Live Jazz is fleeting to say the least, if it gets above 80 degrees, either turn on the A/C or get your hands on some Live Jazz.