April 30, 2008

Adventures in Snacking: 'My Favorite Snack is Butter,' or the Final Column

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My last column. Sad to be leaving, happy to be graduating blah blah blah. Writing in The Sun is the best part of going to Cornell; enjoy college while you can, etc., etc. It’s time to set a Sun shout-out record. These are the people that have snacked with me through the years. These are their favorite snacks. Why is the column called Adventures in Snacking? Because eating by yourself is lonely and snacking with friends is the tastiest treat of all. If I forget you in this column and you really deserved to be in it, you can touch my face. It’s my biggest pet peeve and it will really piss me off.
Brett Greenberg ’08 likes lox on a cinnamon raisin bagel and loves rotten pie. Even the people at CTB think this is strange. Matt Palmer ’08 enjoys “killing his hungry” with Chinese food delivery. The delivery guy might be his best friend, but he also happens to be a nice guy. Lee Mendelowitz ’08 loves rocking out with a tasty burger, although he also enjoys the dollar popcorn at CTV. Hal Budnick ’08 can’t be without his cereal and milk, and Ron Wexler ’08 chows down on BBQ Baked Lays like it’s his job. Best apartment ever! (Evee Ambriz ’11 loves scrambled eggs on toast.)
Freshman year was full of delicious snacks. (Everything is going to get waaay shorter here: I’m just going to list the person and the snack, since I’ve only got so much space.) Becky Wolozin ’08 toasted pumpkin seeds, Joe Mizener ’08 used to love chunky soup, which I never understood. Mariel Bronen ’08 likes white trash (don’t ask) and long walks on the beach. Gil Casten ’08 once stole a bowl of ice cream from Appel by hiding it in an empty box of pie. Carlos Aguilar ’08 likes frozen burritos cooked in my free microwave. Elana Jacob ’08 loves “chocolate things.” Linn and Tarek ’08 love bubble tea more than anything. (Note: Some of these are going to be made up.)
Sun peeps! Julie Block ’10 snacks on Chicago style deep-dish pizza (Editor’s Note: Charlie, I hate deep-dish. You’re fired.), Jenna B. loves body chocolate (I’m guessing. Is that even a real thing?), Rebecca Weiss scoops peanut butter M&Ms by the mouthful. Jonny Lieberman ’08 likes the type of string cheese that’s half cheddar and half mozzarella. David Wittenberg ’09 can’t live without sour cream and onion Pringles. (Greasy, not fun.) Erica Fink ’07 likes Cinnamon Toast Crunch with chocolate syrup, which is how I got this job in the first place.
Mackenzie Snyder ’08 — two bags of 100 calorie popcorn, Ally Davis ’08 — sweet potato fries, Jess Lebo ’09 — thin mint cookies. Sam Solomon ’08 chugs Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi like she’s me. Terri Herbstman ’08 loves the haute cuisine snacks I never have the patience for and Jamie Kalman ’08 is a sucker for a tootsie pop.
Harley Glazer ’08 and Allie Reimer ’08 enjoy Easy Mac and Jello. Alex Jeffrery ’08 and Robin Kornet ’08 are more partial to cheddar combos and trail mix. Amanda Soled ’08 can’t get enough of her “turkey blasters”: she wraps string cheese in turkey breast, breads the whole thing in egg and bread crumbs, deep fries it and then wraps it in turkey again. It’s like a meat mozzarella stick. Emily Gordon ’08 (who invented turkey blasters) enjoys pieces of uncooked ham floating in gelatin made from the hooves of cute ponies. Sam Hartzband ’10 and crew love Rugrats Fruit Snacks. Melissa Frankel ’09 likes princess fruit snacks and olives. Caryn Ganeles ’10 likes fresh baked bread with cheese on top. (Again, some of these are made up.)
Eric Schafler ’08 keeps the beat with frozen margaritas. Gary Hardoon ’08 slurps Minute Maid frozen lime pops two at a time and so do I. David Kiferbaum ’08 likes pigs in blankets and nobody can blame him for it. Brian Kramer ’08 loves the new calzones at Bear Nasties. Ross and Jordan ’09 have a new taste for Irish Soda Bread and J-Mo. Shai and Ethan ’09 enjoy afternoon cereal, but Ethan wishes Shai would use the little scooper. Michael Hoffer ’10 used to love malted milk balls but now he enjoys celery and cookie scented candles. My lineage’s official snack is s’mores.
Elana Beale ’08 loves the Dairy Bar and the Cornell chocolate bars on sale in the campus store. Shayna Muhlbauer ’08 likes eating my fried broccoli at Statler, Simma Reingold ‘08 enjoys baking me cookies (worth a shot?) and Abbe Yale ’08 likes soft pretzels because they are twisty. Frannie Shechter ’10 and Alix Dorfman ’10 share cotton candy and choco-tacos. The Alan(n)as ’10 like Tasti D and Jason’s respectively. Rachel Mack ’10 can’t be without birthday cake and neither can Liza Rubenstien ’10, but she only likes the creepy clown cake from Carvel. Shout-out to camp friends who read The Sun online. (Especially JL, CR and Kraz).
Dana Mendelowitz ’08 likes Weetabix. Kim Lewis ’08, Maddie Sterling ’08 and Naomi Birbach ’08 always fight over the last package of Cool Ranch Doritos. Emily Levine ’10 loves noodles, oodles and oodles. Lauren Isaacson ’10 continues to enjoy seasonal penguin cookies from Starbucks and chips without ridges. Linda Schwaber ’07 likes cinnamon twists on my recommendation, and Emily Isaacs ’12 is looking forward to trying them for the first time. Amy Burkoff ’12 enjoys “Peanut butter and Charlie” (I swear she said that), and Jenny Hollenberg ’08, Stacey Katz ’08 and Nicole Groman ’08 love Joanne’s Pizza.
My mom likes Godiva chocolates, my dad likes the ones with a cherry in the middle and my sister loves a sack of potatoes. Cookie likes human food. Nana and Papa? Chocolate cake! Granny? More of a peach pie grandma. My family gets extra props for being humiliated weekly by my column.
I’m sorry everyone else. I only had room for 78+ shout outs. I’m graduating and the rest of you can touch my face.