May 1, 2008

Slope Day Preview: Cranking Up the Hot Hot Heat

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I fear the lyrics to Hot Hot Heat’s 2002 hit single will morph into reality following the drunken debauchery that will surely ensue on tomorrow on Slope Day. People will be singing, “Bandages, bandages, bandages / Up and down on my legs my arms from you!” But whether or not these words will simply be the result of a catchy, stick-in-your-head chorus or of a horrible drunken accident … I guess time will only tell.
Perhaps best known for “Bandages,” Hot Hot Heat has authored four best selling albums, which together include four top 50 hits. The band’s most recent album, Happiness Ltd., was released last year. Hot Hot Heat will perform second and directly before Gym Class Heroes tomorrow afternoon.
Drummer Paul Hawley pumps out a pattern of hot-potato tom-toms to kick start “Bandages.” “Incoming!,” the urgent synthesizers seem to scream while the tea-kettle whine of singer Steve Bays soon follows. Like a Sour Patch Kid, the band balances the sweet with the sour: high-pitched vocals with saccharine melodies. Also, Hawley’s electric ’fro and mind-bending dance moves combine with satisfactory energy to make a lovingly radio-ready, Diet Punk(y) masterpiece.
And there it is: liveliness, flare, bravado … whatever term you prefer. Then again, if we cut to the chase, it’s probably best simply called “Emo.” But maybe Emo as an acronym: E.M.O. — Energetic Music, Ok? Yes. That is Ok. Especially on Slope Day when everybody just wants to have some fun.
After “Bandages,” the band kept the pace pumping with its second single, “Goodnight Goodnight.” Complete with tightly fitting denim, a blazer, scarf and fedora, the band dresses Vintage (with a capital V) in the music video for this Killers-ish track. Actually, the song really sounds a lot like Green Day and the clothes are Killers — or some would argue killer! Depends who you ask.
Really, though, I still remember the melody of this song: “Goooood-niiiiii-ttte/Goooood-niiiiii-iiiiiittte.” And that’s a good thing, right?
Sure! I’m excited to shake my hips, wave my arms and definitely to sing along to a band that will surely be lots of fun.

Hot Hot Heat are scheduled to perform starting at 2:40 p.m. tomorrow afternoon.