May 1, 2008

Smellerific: Fun in the Sun

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Since this is probably going to be the last you hear from me for a while, I better give you some good scents for the summer.
Eternity by Calvin Klein is a light, fresh and nonchalant cologne that is inoffensive and conservative. Even though this CK is as old as I am, it’s still modern and popular today because of its green, soapy and carefree nature — perfect for relaxing summer picnics on newly cut grass.
For the ladies, I would recommend a fairly popular Estee Lauder release named Pleasures Intense. Everyone here is still young enough to flaunt it and that’s what Pleasures Intense does. It has some fragrant florals along with soft, quiet musks that will be perfect for a fun and flirty summer fling, whatever that might entail.
Finally, there is the house of Creed. Although its collection contains numerous skillfully crafted scents, Himalaya is one of the best fragrances for the summer. It’s cool and dry, and wearing it is like enjoying a bottle of chilled champagne on a warm summer night. There’s also just enough pepper to give it an edge.
Lastly, if you can’t afford the Creed (which you shouldn’t be able to because you’re in college), XS by Paco Rabanne is more than an ample substitute.