May 11, 2008

A Study Break, for Gazing Forward

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Alright people. It’s time for me to confess a dirty little secret. I am a Capricorn… no, not a casual Capricorn— a hard core, anal retentive, pica wielding, algebra-double-checking, relationship-controlling Capricorn. During this stressful time in the life of Cornellians we call “finals week”, I please my anal desires (tehehehe) by making a detailed study schedule.
When a page designer makes a schedule, it of course has to reflect all his design fetishes. For me, it’s neat, clean cut boxes, with gentle shades of green, punctuated by rich bloody red. My font of choice? California FB— light and springy, like the weather that beckons from beyond the library walls.
[img_assist|nid=30454|title=Oh No He Didn’t|desc=Sadly, yes, I did make this study schedule, complete with my favorite fonts and colors :)|link=node|align=right|width=|height=0]Everyone rags on the new Window’s Vista. What no one mentions is how awesome the new Microsoft Office truly is. Microsoft Word 2007 has amazing design features for creating charts and tables, and a refreshing set of color schemes in various shades. The greens, blues, and reds on my chart are simply pulled from their standard new collection, which is just a mouse clicks away from the default screen. Not exactly the complicated, menu-rich technocratic beast that is Quark 7— the software we use down at the Sun.
I’ve gotta get back to the books soon (MOSFET transistor I-V curves anyone?), but first it’d be wise to give everyone a heads up about what they can expect for CMYK this summer. Expect tons of posts from Carol, as she begins to form the new look of many sections in the paper. Eclipse, our oft-ignored Friday insert will be rising to new heights as a weekly magazine, with a fresh new design scheme. Sports will be enjoying many technical changes that of course mean new snazzy designs, and subtleties throughout the news section will be coming up for review.
[img_assist|nid=30455|title=Light and Springy|desc=The use of a nice light, fresh font, like italicized California FB calms me, when the exams start to take their toll!|link=node|align=left|width=|height=0]We’ve received a lot of helpful feedback on our new push for infographics. The process will continue this summer as we begin to delve into exploring how to make more dynamic charts and graphs that convey vital information in a quick engaging fashion— like the articles they compliment.
Good luck on finals!