June 1, 2008

LoHo Got Me Hooked: Living Lohan

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As the weather is stabilizing around the 70s, I’m simultaneously stabilizing my summer television schedule. Gossip Girl and Grey’s Anatomy (the Double G’s) are over, and I have found myself in desperate need of a new summer staple. But dare I say, I may have found it in the most surprising place – E!’s Living Lohan.

The show focuses on Lindsay Lohan’s 14-year-old sister, Ali, and her mother, Dina. Ali aspires to follow in her older sister’s footsteps, and it seems she’s taken a page out of Ashlee Simpson’s book. Just like the younger Simpson, Ali went to the small screen to draw some media attention to her potential career.
[img_assist|nid=30544|title=Dina (right) and Ali Lohan are stars in the new E! show, Living Lohan.|desc=|link=node|align=right|width=|height=0]
Ali and Dina, in Real World-style camera confessions, reveal the trials and tribulations of growing up Lohan. Cody Lohan, the youngest in the pack, blissfully plays basketball outside, while his two older-than-their-years sisters fall victim to the paparazzi time and time again.

Together, Team Lohan listens to tracks by misunderstood, 20-something producer, Jeremy Greene. The music is awful; I can’t lie. “It’s Not My Fault,” the track featured in the first episode, goes a little something like this:

“It’s not my fault/ That you’re in love with me/ But I’m not in love with you/ What am I supposed to do?”

But who’s actually surprised by these not-so-genius lyrics? After all, Jeremy started working with the family when he harassed Dina Lohan online, begging her to listen to his music. Finally, she caved, and liked what she heard. I guess stalking pays off in some cases.
Of course no E!-related show nor Lohan story would be complete without mention of Lindsay, who did not make a cameo in the pilot episode. However, the cameras follow Dina as she “protects her cubs” and starts her morning by searching the tabloids for slander, only to find a sex tape falsely crediting her firstborn.

But how is the show, really? Well, it’s awful, but it’s the perfect blend of nothingness and reality that makes it a perfect summer series. Snaps for you, E! Channel. You’ve done it again!