July 4, 2008

The British Are Coming!

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Despite the fact today is July 4th, our Independence Day, it seems impossible these days to delve into entertainment media without seeing our friends from across the pond. No, it’s not Beatle Mania, but it is certainly some kind of invasion.
First there is Amy Winehouse’s struggle with substance abuse and, well, let’s just say “overall wellness.” While Winehouse is not a summer 2008 phenomenon, she got our minds revved up for the bombs Buckingham Palace was about to drop on us.
So let’s talk music.
The Ting Tings, an English indie pop band, released their debut album this past May, and their single Shut Up and Let Me Go has graced all modes of exposure, ranging from posters glued to New York City construction fences to the rolling Real World end credits on MTV.
The band, composed of only two members, packs more heat with each bass drum kick than most Americans have done thus far this summer. [img_assist|nid=30785|title=The Ting Tings.|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=|height=0]
And then there’s Estelle, the British R&B sensation, who made a Benedict Arnold out of Mr. American Music, Kanye West. Though it is not surprising that Kanye chose to betray the homeland, [img_assist|nid=30786|title=British R&B sensation, Estelle Swaray.|desc=|link=node|align=right|width=|height=0]West isn’t what makes Estelle’s single American Boy the hit that it’s steadily becoming.
Her high-pitched, dance-beats-meet-jazz-riffs vocals send listeners on a completely new wave. It’s just the upbeat, albeit soothing, sound we crave from June to August.
If we want something really celebrate this coming July 4, we Americans better step up our game.