August 29, 2008

Meet Peter Kwon '11, Lone Protester

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Meet Peter Kwon ’11. Yesterday he got so mad about the death of Schedulizer that he ran into the Cornell Store, bought some poster board and a marker, and began a one-man crusade on Ho Plaza. “Bring Schedulizer back!” he shouted. “PeopleSoft may not need Schedulizer but the students do!” he cried. Again, and again, and again. Kwon drew stares, chuckles, and a steady stream of support. “Screw PeopleSoft! PeopleSoft is garbage!” one kid called out.
Kwon said he was undaunted by the fact that he was standing alone, and unafraid of University retaliation.
“What are they going to do, expel me?” Kwon said.
He said his protest wasn’t so much about Schedulizer itself as it was about a decision he said the University made “wantonly,” without consulting with students.
“This is supposedly one of the most democratic and advanced centers of science and knowledge in the world. The fact that they would do something like this, over something so small, something so trivial … without any kind of student consensus” Kwon said, “It’s just not what Cornell stands for.”
At about 1:00 p.m., Kwon’s protest was over — he had to go to class.