September 4, 2008

Meiko: Live Session – EP

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Among a fairly recent surge of memorable if not necessarily talented female voices (think M.I.A. and her hit “Paper Planes”), Meiko stands her ground. Don’t be fooled into thinking that her latest Live Session-EP is insubstantial because it only consists of five songs. Meiko’s words are genuine and intimate, complemented by melodies as soothing as a lullaby. The modest flow of the background guitar makes the occasionally cringe inducing lyrics such as “Every little thing I do I do for you/ With every little thing I think a thought of you” instead sound pleasant and relatable. Perhaps most notable is that while all five tracks are difficult to distinguish from one another, the album’s potentially frustrating nature does not lead to disappointment, but rather to satisfaction and a sense of completion. Meiko’s album reminds listeners how rare it is to find an album that avoids resulting in a divisive jumble and instead forms a manageable and cohesive story.