September 4, 2008

Shortstop Deli

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The Shortstop Deli is my one singular reason for remaining alive. If it were to ever close, which hypothetically it doesn’t even in the wee hours of the morning when I do my best eating, I would probably drop out of Cornell. The sandwich, and for me, specifically the sausage-egg-cheese breakfast-sandwich-of-the-gods, is Shortstop’s specialty, but oddly I’ve rarely gone in there wanting any random item of food-fare and not been able to find it — with the exception of anything related to vegetables. From muffins that leave a force field of grease on your hands, to soup better than anything you’ll find in Cornell dining facilities, to frozen yogurt you awesomely churn yourself, your consumptive destiny lies in wait for you at Ithaca’s portal to heaven. Those of you who’ve loyally patronized the Hot Truck over the years but have never made the trek down to 204 W. Seneca should Hajj it on over. You’ll find everything you know and love and also the food-related happiness that you’ve been robbed of as Cornell student. To really demonstrate the magic, I’ve provided haiku:

The Shortstop Deli
Beyond sandwiches you’ll find
True tranquility